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World Nap
26th Jun 2022


Hishi Iguazu


Takarazuka Kinen (25-6-2022; Hanshin, Japan; G1 - 2200m)

I think it's a rather open field without a real dominant force. Efforia was disappointing in Osaka Hai and I can't explain why he ran badly. The horses in Tenno Sho Spring seems doing well but I think this is a different race. Hishi Iguazu has proven that he can compete in top class in Japan. Putting Damian Lane onboard is a great choice and I do expect a boost for him.

World Nap Selects:Hishi Iguazu

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Supplied by Eric Cheng in Hong Kong

Time Nap posted: 23:52, 25th Jun 2022 (Hong Kong time)

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Principles: World Nap is a recommended 1pt win bet or bets chosen in a principal race held somewhere in the world. Naps are usually posted on Friday evening or Saturday morning, Hong Kong time.

Hong Kong Nap is chosen by Eric Cheng, & who is based in Hong Kong and has been attending race meetings regularly.

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