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Man United Nap
19th Aug 2023


Nap select:Handicap Manchester United (0/-0.5) @2.0


Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

The Reds performed not well but luckily they won the game. I think Ten Hag will make some adjustment of the team. I hope they can do better this week.

Man United Nap Selects:Handicap Manchester United (0/-0.5) @2.0

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Supplied by Elmo Wong in Hong Kong

Time Nap posted: 22:39 19th Aug 2023 (Hong Kong time)

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Principles: Man United Nap is a recommended 1pt win bet or bets chosen based on the matches available for betting from the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Betting odds are fixed and posted according to the time when football nap is posted. Naps are usually posted on Friday evening or Saturday morning, Hong Kong time


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